Bug and Bee Bangkok SUCKs

“Bug and Bee” Bangkok SUCKs

Well as you can see from the heading of the topic, yes I’m gonna talk about Bug and Bee Café in Bangkok, Silom area.

Today my bf just came back from abroad and my cousin is visiting for the Songran so I was taking them for a dinner and after dinner we decided to go for a little drink in Silom area. We decided to go to Bug and Bee, from the past visits and it was OK drinks with fair price (not really cheap though but it can be understandable as it is in Silom (AKA chopping/slicing/ripping off tourist area).
We were sitting on the third floor of the Bug and Bee, there is ONLY one waiter, and he’s sucks, BIG time. We sat down, try to order, he gave us the menu and then disappeared for awhile, which is OK since there are some people, anyway we order two mango viola/s and an ice latte.

It was 10:55PM, and after quite sometime he come to us and says, the shop close at 12:00 so I was like “OK”, then at that time two guys came in, and about to sit down, he went over and said “the shop close at 12:00” I mean WTF, isn’t his job to wait the tables and not to get rid of the customers?

Then time pass for a couple of minutes and now it is 11:25PM and our drinks hasn’t show up YET, and I got a call from my friend to meet up nearby so I was like OK, then I call him [the waiter] and said “since we did not get our drinks YET can we get it a go?” then he ask, “yes sir what did you order?” I realized that he wrote the orders down and gave the slip to the kitchen, but again isn’t it his job to memorize the orders?????????????? WTF man! !@#$%^&*
So by this time I was already a little pissed NO who am I kidding I am pissed BIG time. But I still try to be calm and patient, did not play the customer is always right, attitude and card (YET) since my bf is trying to cool me off.

Then the next table calls the waiter and ask for their drinks, which obviously they got their food about five minutes we sat down, and now that they already fully finished off, and realized where the hack is our drinks, then to my amaze he forgot. OMG…..kill me.
So I had to call him AGAIN to remind him that we need our drinks to go. He said, “YES sir, you order one or two mango viola/s?”, so I confirmed him two mango violas and one ice latte. He said, “OK sir”. Then a couple of minutes later ONE mango viola and ice latte show up, so I said we order two mango violas, he said wait a minute sir. It is already 11:45PM.
Then we walked to the food lift and pick up a phone and I assumed he is checking with the order staff, but again to my speechlessness, and of course he forgot to order, he though only one mango viola, NOT two.

Then a moment later, the mango viola shows with GLASS……………..which of course he get it back and changed it into a plastic cup to go, and thanks god this time I did not need to ask him for that. To make the matter worse than it already is…….mango viola is taste OK as usual but it makes your throat itch from the mangos saps….coz they did not take out the saps portion carefully…….Yuck.
Then that’s it, I told myself I NEVER and I meant NEVER coming back to this Bug and Bee and also canceled my Pattaya stay at the Bug and Bee hotel which was recently recommended by a friend says it is really a nice atmosphere and serenity for a long holidays which we are planning to go stay for the weekend and write some stuffs.
I mean in this kind of restaurant business or bed and breakfast or hotel business, it is NOT only the place or quality or foods the IMPORTANT thing is always the services.

So I also made a mental note to write a blog entry about this disastrous experience and NOT to do the same when I open one.

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